FAREHD is Bridging the Gap Between Haitians Abroad and Their Homeland

Hello there, kind-hearted reader! If you're interested in understanding how the Haitian diaspora is making a difference in their homeland, you've come to the right place. Today, we're diving into the world of FAREHD, a non-profit organization that's bridging the gap between Haitians abroad and their homeland.

FAREHD, or La Federation des Associations Regionales Haitiennes de la Diaspora, is a beacon of hope for Haiti. The organization aims to unite Haitians living abroad and encourage their active participation in the development of their homeland. But how exactly does FAREHD bridge this gap? Let's find out!

FAREHD's Organizational Structure: A Deep Dive

FAREHD's organizational structure is designed to ensure effective representation and participation of Haitians living abroad. The structure is divided into three levels: local, regional, and international.

At the local level, FAREHD organizes Haitians into 10 regional associations, each representing a geographical department of Haiti. Each association is led by a local coordination team.

At the regional level, the associations in a state or province form a Chapter, which is governed by a regional coordination team. The chapters in a country form a Division, which is led by a general coordination team.

At the international level, FAREHD is governed by an executive committee that works under the supervision of a board of directors. This structure ensures that the voices of Haitians abroad are heard and their contributions are effectively utilized for the development of Haiti.

FAREHD's Engagement: A Pledge of Transparency

FAREHD is committed to transparency. They pledge to use the funds collected from members in their department of origin without any deductions. Administrative expenses are covered by other sources of income, ensuring that every penny donated goes directly towards the development of Haiti.

The Impact of FAREHD's Work

FAREHD's work has a profound impact on the lives of Haitians. By uniting Haitians abroad and facilitating their participation in the development of their homeland, FAREHD is helping to build a brighter future for Haiti.

How to Get Involved with FAREHD

Getting involved with FAREHD is easy. Whether you're Haitian, of Haitian descent, or simply someone who loves helping people, you can join FAREHD and contribute to their mission. You can contact FAREHD via telephone or email to get started.

FAREHD's Commitment to Haiti's Development

FAREHD is committed to the development of Haiti. They believe in the power of the diaspora to transform their homeland and work tirelessly to facilitate this transformation. By bridging the gap between Haitians abroad and their homeland, FAREHD is playing a crucial role in Haiti's development.

FAREHD's role in bridging the gap between Haitians abroad and their homeland is a testament to the power of unity and the potential of the diaspora to transform their homeland. By getting involved with FAREHD, you're not just joining an organization; you're joining a movement for change.

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